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A Mash Up Morale Patch of epic proportions!

Disney meets the Zombie Apocalypse.


We've kept this project at a Classified level of "I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you" for a few months now.  I have to thank my 2 year old son for helping with the idea.  He has had a MAJOR crush on the two main characters of Disney's FROZEN, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.  The movie has been playing in my household almost on a 24 hour loop.  I can pretty much recite the entire movie and songs verbatim.  Well, as the song "Do you want to build a snowman?" was stuck in my head I happened to be working on patch prototypes for our The Walking Dead Limitied Editiion Patch Series and the words came out "Do you want to KILL A ZOMBIE!"  


Anna and Elsa as Zombie Slaying badasses?  ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY! 


I took my idea to the interweb in search of an artist that could pull off the design and after digging through a couple hundred Instagram accounts I came across Ms. Lisa Larsen who was showing off her Disney artwork on instagram and it was TOP NOTCH!  She was hired on the spot.  Small snag, come to find out, she is only 16 years old and lives in NORWAY!  After speaking with her father via e-mail we were able to work out payment arrangments and terms and the project was a GO for launch.  

Over several weeks we e-mailed back and forth and it was an amazing experience seeing her bring my idea to life.  I wanted to share the pictures with you guys and show you the amazing artwork that went into producing this patch by such a young and talented artist.  Hope you guys love it because we will begin accepting orders tday and there are only 200 of this very limited patch! 


Also, since we were so blown away by the artwork, we did a limited run of T-shirts in sizes S-2XL, both the patches and shirts will be available today around 0900 hours EST!  



Without further adeu, the 4th patch of The Walking Dead Limited Edition Patch Series featuring the 2 newest zombie slayers on the block..








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The American Sheepdog Team


  • jeremy sleesman

    Are you going to be getting the Anna Elsa patch back in stock anytime soon? Im going to Disney World in a few weeks and this would be awesome on my backpack!!

  • Branden

    This Frozen/Zombie patch is amazing! Please tell me these still exist! haah

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