SERGEANT Chevrons Patch - Fidelis Ad Mortem

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Fidelis Ad Mortem, Latin for "Faithful Unto Death" is not only the motto of the NYPD but signifies the unwavering resolve of all LEO's across our great Nation.  Today we honor those who have risen to the rank of Sergeant.  The Sergeant has no easy task, with the immediate responsibily of his or her troops that are out there day in and day out while at the same time being accountable to the command staff.  I chose a weathered design as a teastament to the daily grind that wears on all law enforcement.. long hours, dark cold nights, holidays, they are there.. ready. Waiting for the storm.

Fine woven embroidered patch features distressed Sergeant chevrons with the phrase “Fidelis Ad Mortem” which is Latin for “Faithful Unto Death” 

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